Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Good Handheld Vacuum

Dyson Handheld CleanerEveryone knows that feeling- the one where you have important guests coming over in an hour and the house is a mess.

Dust, pet hairs, food crumbs; dirt that you can’t help but notice. “There isn’t enough time to vacuum!” you cry helplessly. “If only there was an easier way!” Well, look no further. A handheld vacuum might just be your saving grace.

Small and Lightweight

One of the best things about a handheld is how small it is- it can reach all the areas your big and bulky vacuum cleaner can’t. Corners, shelves, and even the stairs are easy to clean because of it’s small proportions. Smaller really is better in this case!

Weight is an important feature for any handheld cleaner, otherwise you might as well just use a full sized vacuum. Why struggle dragging a vacuum up the stairs when you can grab your handheld and run without even breaking a sweat? They are easy to lift and carry so you can vacuum wherever you need to.

Portable and Compact

Another great thing about the handheld vacuum is that it’s one of the most effective type of portable cleaner you can buy for handling small messes; it can be used to clean everywhere; in the house, in the car, anywhere at all!

The compact nature of it makes it super easy to store.

Fed up of tripping over your vacuum when you could be using that space? You can store a handheld cleaner anywhere that makes it easy to grab in times of emergency.

Spilled Mess on TableDeal with Any Mess

Handheld vacuums can also be used to clean up after messy children and pets. They make it easy for you to clean up any mess as soon as it happens, making it quick and convenient.

But what if the mess was liquid? A spilled glass doesn’t mean disaster; many handheld vacuums come with a wet spill function so you can vacuum liquids just as easily as solids. No more cloths or tissues!

In fact, many handheld vacuums now come with features that could save you time and effort, such as:

  • Crevice tools to get into difficult areas.
  • Special handles so they’re easy and comfortable to carry.
  • No cords- no more tripping over!

Mess-Free Cleaning

Ever tried to clean up a mess with a dustpan and brush, only to find the only thing you’ve done is swept all your rubbish onto the floor?

Vacuum alternatives can make cleaning more messy; a handheld vacuum means everything is vacuumed up with little hassle and no mess at all.

And, when you’re done vacuuming, all you have to do is pop it open and empty the contents into the bin. It’s quick and easy.

Fast Cleaning, Less Cleaning

Let’s admit, we’d clean a lot more if it was faster. Who wants to spend all day cleaning? Handheld vacuums are a quick way to sort out messes without the time it takes to set up a whole hoover; just grab the vacuum, zap the mess, and you’re done!

All that effective cleaning means that when it comes to cleaning the house, there’s less work to do. It’s never a bad idea to invest in a good cleaning machine, especially when it comes to vacuum cleaners which are known to last for a long time. It helps you stay on top of cleaning, which means it won’t pile up when you least need it.

Handhelds are quick, efficient and well worth investing in, especially if you’ve ever needed to clean up dirt from your hardwood… and fast!