5 Things You Should Know About a BISSELL Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Eliminating Animal HairPet lovers know how much big of a hassle it is when it comes to cleaning up the house. Carpets and rugs sometimes have urine stains and always have fur stuck to them.

Just imagine how much worse the clean-up would be if you have several dogs and cats in your home.

BISSELL, a manufacturer of cleaning equipment, has made things easier for pet owners with their top of the line vacuum cleaners specially designed to pick up fur from your rugs and even couches.

If you’re in the market for a new pet vacuum cleaner, here’s what you should know about BISSELL’s products:

  1. Several Types of Cleaners: BISSELL has various models that homeowners can choose from. There’s the Cleanview Compact Pet, Pet Hair Eraser, Lift-Off Pet, Cleanview Ultimate Pet, and several others. Each vacuum cleaner has its own special feature that makes removing animal fur and hair from every part of your home easy.
  2. Cost-efficient Cleaning Equipment: Compared to other vacuum brands, BISSELL products are typically less expensive. But don’t let their reasonable prices fool you; they do the job–cleaning, that is–right and well! And if you have the money to spare, you also have several BISSELL options that are more expensive.
  3. Effective and Efficient: Picking up fur is already a given when you have a BISSELL pet vacuum cleaner. So what makes them more special?
    The TurboBrush feature allows these cleaning equipment to remove fur even from couches and other upholstered furniture. It also makes cleaning the stairs and other furniture easier. Fur-free table legs and coffee tables, anyone? The canister can also be detached from the actual equipment. This lets you carry a lighter vacuum cleaner when cleaning the stairs or the second story of your home.
    Several onboard tools are also available for use for the Lift-Off Pet. One particular useful part is the crevice tool, which lets you easily vacuum fur from even the tightest nooks and crannies. Its telescopic extension wand also saves you a few steps when cleaning a bigger floor area.
  4. Easy Clean-up and Assembly: BISSELL vacuums come with three filters. If your filters come in black, you can simply wash them with detergent and warm water. Make sure they’re dry before you reattach them to your cleaner. In case you don’t want to wash your filters, you can replace them instead.
    The provided user manual also makes assembly easy. Another thing that makes setting up a breeze is that you don’t need to tinker with several screws at once. The Pet Hair Eraser actually only has three screws!
  5. A Good Smell: BISSELL vacuums can be relied on to clean up your home, but do you know that they also get rid off odors that you find quite annoying? The PowerGlide Pet Upright Vacuum and the Total Floors Pet Vacuum come with a Febreeze filter that releases a dash of fragrance to your rooms every time you clean your carpets and floors.
    So throw out that old, ordinary vacuum machine and get your own BISSELL now!

BISSELL PowerGlide Lift-Off Technology:

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