Bissell SpotBot, The (Robotic) Spot Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaning Robot or What?

The Bissell’s SpotBot 1200B is not a standard robotic vacuum cleaner.
It doesn’t move automatically, neither it will clean the whole room or flat while you are jogging in the park.

Instead, it is an automated compact deep cleaner that uses mix of water and cleaning fluid, strong, rotating brush and suction to get you rid of the spots on your carpet.

How Does The Bissell SpotBot Work?

If you have spotted a new spot on your carpet or upholstery, first you need to prepare the SpotBot for its work. The water tank must be filled with the mixture of water and cleaning fluid (Bissell recommends Little Green and OxyGen2). Then you only need to place the SpotBot so that the brush covers the spot or stain and choose the right program (surface stain, set-in stain) on the simple control panel.

SpotBot goes automatically through all necessary cleaning phases. It sprays the spot or stain with the cleaning mixture, brushes it with the rotating brush and suctions up the dissolved mess. The water tank (second, where the dirty water is stored) then can be easily emptied and washed with water.

But it Does Vacuum Clean, Doesn’t it?

SpotBot can also be used to manually vacuum clean some worse reachable places like stairs, upholstery or car. To switch it to the manual operation you must use the same simple control panel – it only has 5 buttons and some 8 led lights that indicate the chosen program or the ongoing cleaning phase.

In combination with quality cleaning solution, SpotBot swears to clean also raw spots by red wine, coffee or juice.

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