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Bissell SpotBot, The (Robotic) Spot Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaning Robot or What? The Bissell’s SpotBot 1200B is not a standard robotic vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t move automatically, neither it will clean the whole room or flat while you are jogging in the park. Instead, it is an automated compact deep cleaner that uses mix

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The Infinuvo´s Personal Cleaning Robots – Cleanmate 365 QQ-1, QQ-2 and QQ-IN

QQ-1, QQ-2 and QQ-IN Infinuvo calls its CleanMate 365 a personal cleaning robot. The Cleanmate sweeps and vacuums all kinds of surface (carpets, hard flooring or tiles) and offers more or less the same standard functionality as any other robotic vacuum cleaner. There are 2 models available

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Floorbotics’ Robotic Brothers – Floorbot and iVac

FLOORBOTICS (a division of Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd) is an Australian robotic vacuum cleaner developer and manufacturer. Managed by two cleaning industry veterans, Duncan Ashworth (Austin, Texas, USA) and Murray McDonald (Melbourne, Australia), FLOORBOTICS has been developing the cutting-edge, set-and-forget-about vacuum cleaning robots since their beginnings

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