Floorbotics’ Robotic Brothers – Floorbot and iVac

FLOORBOTICS (a division of Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd) is an Australian robotic vacuum cleaner developer and manufacturer.

Managed by two cleaning industry veterans, Duncan Ashworth (Austin, Texas, USA) and Murray McDonald (Melbourne, Australia), FLOORBOTICS has been developing the cutting-edge, set-and-forget-about vacuum cleaning robots since their beginnings in 1996.

Duncan and Murray – The Brains of The FLOORBOTICS

Murray McDonald used to sell the Duplex´s industrial cleaning machines (through his family business prior to starting up the FLOORBOTICS. Duncan Ashworth is the inventor of ARNA ™ smart navigation system that assures that the floor will be cleaned entirely. Prior to co-founding the FLOORBOTICS, he worked also with AMD and Legerity.

Both Murray and Duncan, being knee-deep in the cleaning industry identified the gap on the vacuum cleaners market (no robotic vacuums back in mid 1990s) and co-founded the FLOORBOTICS with the little help of Duplex.

ARNA Navigation System – The Brain of The Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ARNA (Autonomous Robot Navigation Algorithm) uses advanced algorithms to find the most efficient, non-repetitive moving pattern for the robot.
The ARNA powered vacuum cleaner is able to learn the room pattern and use it later to identify and avoid the existing obstacles.

Before breaking through with their currently commercially successfull models – the Floorbot and the iVac – Floorbotics developed and tested couple of not-that-much-successful prototypes (e.g. the Hollingsworth or V4 Robotic Vacuum).

For The Households – The Floorbot

FLOORBOTICS´ Floorbot is a 350mm /6.9 kg vacuum cleaning robot for the household. It vacuums the carpets (regardles of the pile length or shape) and mops the hard floor. When activated, the Floorbot starts to clean and map the room simultaneously using the patented ARNA navigation logics.

For The Companies – The iVac

The iVac is the bigger brother of the Floorbot and is designed for the use in larger, industrial or commercial spaces. iVac also uses the ARNA navigation to move and map the space, i tis larger than the Floorbot (40m mm

diameter) and heavier (9.5 kg) but its dirt bin is also 3 times larger than the bin of Floorbot.

Both Floorbot and iVac only have 3 buttons – start, stop and pause. Beside the manual control there are couple of another controls being checked each 6 meters for a changed status.

  • Infrared drop sensors. These sensors check the height of the floor in front of, and behind the vacuum cleaner robot so that if the height of the floor drops suddenly (step or balcony), robot can identify it;
  • Hall effect sensors. These provide the bump feedback should the robot contact an obstacle such as a wall or piece of furniture;
  • Infrared remote control sensor. These sensors trigger if a an infra red beam (the virtual wall to limit the vacuum cleaners movement) is detected;
  • Battery charging sensors that ensure the robot will not clean the floor while charging;
  • Motor and agitator brush stall detection;
  • Safety shut down sensors.

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