Hoover Flair Vacuum – S2200

The Hoover Flair Lightweight Vacuum cleans small homes, apartments, mobile homes and other light to medium area jobs with great efficiency, while providing a great portable, easy to clean vacuum for large homes as well. Hoover can boast of many years of experience making vacuum cleaners. They made their first vacuum in 1907; they know how to make vacuums well! This vacuum provides great benefits for the consumer: it is inexpensive, lightweight and easy to store, bag-less and easy to clean, possesses long range and maneuverability, and is all in all very versatile.

Compared to competitor’s prices, this lightweight vacuum is inexpensive.

Eureka offers a similar vacuum, no better than the Hoover flair, for a higher price, as does Dirt Devil, Panasonic and Electrolux.  Bigger, more powerful vacuums, which have more capacity and more power cost hundreds, even thousands, more than the Hoover s2200. Most jobs do not require this type of capacity or power, making these vacuums less cost effective than the Flair.

The Hoover Flair is lightweight and easy to store, weighing approximately ten pounds and measuring 45-1/2 by 9 inches. It easily fits in a closet behind clothes, in a broom closet, or will sit unnoticed in the corner of a room.  Compared to bigger, bulkier vacuums, this vacuum makes life easy.

Vacuum cleaner companies make money by selling specific vacuum cleaner bags to fit specific vacuums.  The consumer avoids this cost by buying the Flair, as it is bagless vacuum cleaner. This cleaner, in place of a bag, possesses a washable, transparent, easy to clean dirt cup.

The Flair makes vacuuming easy with its long cord and maneuverability. The cord is twenty feet long, allowing for cleaning large swaths of carpet or, floor without changing plugs. The Flair has large rear wheels, making leaning and steering easy. This bagless vacuum also swivels, making cleaning corners and steering simple.

The versatility of this Hoover vacuum cleaner makes it a great buy; it cleans carpets, hardwood and vinyl. For small areas it provides maximum efficiency. It also provides an excellent cleaning device for large areas, as it is bagless, meaning less cost, and easy to empty and clean, meaning quick turnaround time from vacuuming to emptying the transparent cup, to vacuuming again. Cleaning thick carpet, or a lot of pet hair means more emptying of the transparent cup, but because it is so easy to empty and clean this is not a problem.

The Hoover Flair lightweight vacuum provides the consumer with a great value appliance. Enjoy vacuuming by purchasing an inexpensive, efficient Hoover Flair.

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