The Infinuvo´s Personal Cleaning Robots – Cleanmate 365 QQ-1, QQ-2 and QQ-IN

QQ-1, QQ-2 and QQ-IN

Infinuvo calls its CleanMate 365 a personal cleaning robot.

The Cleanmate sweeps and vacuums all kinds of surface (carpets, hard flooring or tiles) and offers more or less the same standard functionality as any other robotic vacuum cleaner.

There are 2 models available on the market (manufactured by Infinuvo and distributed by Metapo), the Cleanmate QQ-1 and the Cleanmate QQ-2. There is also an even advanced model, Cleanmate QQ-IN, being developed, but still not released at the day I write this article (April, 17). So let´s look at what they have common and what not.

Killing Bacteria With an Ultraviolet Gun

Basically, the Cleanmate QQ-2 should be the same as QQ-1 but with an autonomous re-charging ability.

Cleanmate 365 QQ-1 doesn´t automatically return to the charging station but at least it has the light sensor that will draw the robot back to the light from under the furniture or sofa, so that it is visible after it runs out of energy.

The new released QQ-2 Cleanmate already searches for its charging station and re-charges when battery is low. After re-charging the battery it goes to work again.

Both QQ-1 and QQ-2 models use only repetitional patterns for the movement, the still-in-development Infinuvo Cleanmate 365 QQ-IN uses the ARNA navigation logics to map the room pattern and use it later to identify and avoid the existing obstacles.

Both Infinuvo´s QQ-1 and QQ-2 experienced problems with long-pile carpets, but the QQ-2 seems to be better in crawling them but the charging station is still recommended to be placed on the floor only. I have no information whether there will be any improvement with the Cleanmate 365 QQ-IN.

All models come with the deodorizing, air freshening cartridge and they all have a built-in ultraviolet (UV) light (placed in the bottom part of the vacuum body) which is supposed to kill the bacteria in the carpet – the robot can be switched to UV only cleaning mode.

The truth is that the short-time (couple of seconds that Cleanmate does) UV light exposure doesn´t kill the bacteria entirely, however it will reduce the amount of all living germs significantly – check this study for exact numbers.

Bottom line

Cleanmate 365 is a good robotic vacuum, the higher version you buy, the better. Even though it does not beat its expensive hi-tech competitors like Electrolux EL520 Trilobite or iRobot´s newest Roomba, it nicely fills the gap in the cheaper (price under $150), middle-end category where the Infinuvo´s intelligent vacuuming robot offers a fair value.

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