Panasonic MC-CG885 OptiFlow

The new technologies available for home cleaning and upkeep products make the market rather large and potentially confusing, as products may become outdated quickly as better merchandise rapidly hits the shelves.  Customers interested in practical and long-term cleaning solutions for carpets, wooden floors and tile should consider the Panasonic MC-CG885 OptiFlow for their needs, as the product provides an considerable machine for removing dirt and debris without excess weight or bulk, all at a fairly budget-friendly price.

Panasonic markets many different types of vacuum cleaners, all of which can be purchased directly from the wholesale website or from third party marketers, such as Amazon, and some retail stores. Unlike other vacuum companies, such as Dirt Devil, Panasonic relies on different technology from simple machines and has a higher power and rate of suction, making it an ideal product for pet owners or parents of multiple kids.  As such, a Panasonic vacuum cleaner requires extra maintenance and set up procedures, but many owners consider this a small trade off for the efficiency and strength of the cleaner.

The model uses a twelve amp power focus with a fourteen inch nozzle.  It has four different height settings so that customers can use it at any level in their house; it transfers from carpets to tiles or hardwood without any adjustments. Three levels of filtration remove all but the finest dirt or dust. It comes with a 360 degree swivel, wand rollers and upholstery and crevice cleaners.

This Panasonic model is lightweight but powerful. Unlike other models, the strength does not mean a loud noise.  The largest problem with the product, however, is that the interior bag has to be relatively small to fit inside the compact machine, so that regular changing of the bags is necessary. These bags have to be purchased wholesale from Panasonic, and other third party retailer products do not fit inside the frame.  While there are a number of supports for hoses and cleaning devices, the result is that the vacuum becomes a bit top heavy and can tip over, especially on the tallest height section.

While the Canister has some flaws, its many advantages make it a great choice for a home vacuum cleaner. as well. Despite the power of the Canister, it provides a very quiet motor and will not disturb pets. At two hundred and fifty dollars, some may think that the Canister is a bit on the expensive side, but it is still cheaper than steam power cleaners. It is worthwhile spending a bit of money on a good vacuum as a cheaper model may burn out within a short time and then need replaced anyway.

If you are considering purchasing a vacuum cleaner, consider the pros and cons of the MC-CG885 OptiFlow, decide on budget concerns. It is a good idea to visit Panasonic’s web site to compare other products, and then browse sites of independent retailers to see what the best price available is.

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