Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Say goodbye to the memories of Mom and Grandma lugging around that vintage vacuum cleaner. You know the one I’m talking about. It was like a miniature tank on wheels with a six foot long suction tube. Yes it was portable but it was not very practical.

Vacuum cleaners have evolved over the years and you can consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to lug a ridiculous vacuum cleaner around the house just to get the job done. Bagless vacuums have pretty much become a thing from the past, as most vacuums now have a bagless system that needs dumped after each use. Pretty soon cords will also be a thing of the past when it comes to vacuums.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a portable vacuum cleaner:

1. Versatility

Portable handheld vacuum cleaners are one of the most versatile cleaning tools that you can have. You can take a portable vacuum cleaner virtually anywhere. If you want to clean out the car, don’t pay to use a car wash vacuum. Simply take your portable vacuum outside and quickly get the job done, without spending a roll of quarters. A portable vacuum is also great to take on the go when you may need to clean out a building or workshop that does not have electricity. There is no need to bring along an extension cord.

2. Easy to Carry

Most portable vacuum cleaners are lightweight and make for easy carrying, especially up a flight of stairs. Have you ever tried lugging a non portable vacuum cleaner up a flight of stairs while trying to vacuum them at the same time? You won’t ever have to do that again! Portable vacuum cleaners pack the power of a regular vacuum cleaner without the hassle and bulky weight of a regular vacuum cleaner.

3. Powerful

Just because a portable vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to get around, doesn’t mean it is not effective. Most portable vacuum cleaners have the same power and suction, if not more, than some standard models of vacuum cleaners. Don’t be fooled by their small sleek design. They will get the job done with ease.

4. Great for Hard to Reach Places

If you like to dust with your vacuum cleaning attachments, you will definitely want to purchase a portable vacuum cleaner. If you thought the attachments worked well on your traditional vacuum cleaner, think again. You will be able to vacuum all of those hard to reach places without having to hold up a heavy vacuum cleaner. It is supposed to be cleaning, not a weightlifting work out.

5. Cost

You don’t have to empty your pockets or drain the bank account just to own a great portable vacuum cleaner. Most portable vacuum cleaners are about the same price as a traditional vacuum cleaner and sometimes even less. You will be amazed at the low price of such a great product! you also won’t have to worry about buying bags for your portable vacuum cleaner, as most come with a bagless design. Having the right cleaning tools can make all the difference in your routine, so here are some tips to help you find the best portable vacuum for your home.