Hello, Halo! Upright Vacuum With UV Lamp

Halo™ UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum is not the first vacuum using the ultraviolet light to kill germs and viruses in the carpet.

The Ultraviolet Lamp Vacuums

The ultraviolet lamps seem to become a standard part of vacuum cleaners very soon. They have been used for years to treat the drinking water successfully, so why not to use them for the same purpose (disposal of microorganisms) in household cleaning industry as well?

Kill´em all, Mr. Vacuum

Even though it is clear that the UV light itself really reduces the amount of all living germs significantly, the efficiency of a UV lamp vacuum cleaners is still disputable. Bacteria and viruses must be exposed to UV light for couple of seconds to get killed, which means you would have to clean really really slowly.

The vacuum cleaners manufacturers are testing various UV light bulbs trying to find the best possible shape of the bulb or place on the vac to assure the germs are really paralised with the appliance.

But Back to The Halo™ UVX Ultraviolet Vacuum

Oreck Halo UV Upright VacuumWhile standard UV bulbs will kill 99,99% of all germs in 5-10 seconds in average, Halo UVX promises incredible results (20 times shorter exposure necessary, only 0,25 – 0,5 seconds).

I am quite skeptic, actually I assume that these are some laboratory results with the germs in Petri dishes and not in furry carpet, but who knows.

Only future (and tests conducted by Halo´s competitors, of course) shows if the stated parameters are true.

In addition to the UV-C light, the Halo UVX vacuum features:

  • HEPA exhaust filter;
  • Telescoping handle for easy maneuverability and storage;
  • Long, 31′ power cord;
  • Nice “upright” design;
  • Light weight, powerful gear-driven system;
  • Electronic height adjuster for various carpet piles length or various flooring materials.

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