More on The Vacuum Cleaner Bags

The Golden Era of Paper Bags

The first vacuum cleaner paper bag/filters appeared in 1960s and they quickly replaced the woven bags used massively that time as they were able to separate and catch the dust particles much better.

Even though the woven bags could be used repeatedly – which was quite comfortable – their opening and emptying had pretty far from current hygienic standards and people quickly adopted the new idea of having healthy one-off paper bags.

300 Various Models of Vacuum Bags

At the beginning, the vacuum producers competed very much also on the field of vacuum paper bags. They all designed their own bags to fit (only) their own vacuums.

Such number of various bag models (300+) resulted in an extreme demand on warehouse place (retailers didn’t like it) and an extreme confusion of the customers (which they didn’t like as well), therefore in the early 2000s two largest manufacturers – Electrolux and Philips – agreed to use the unified paper filter based on Electrolux patented s-bag and since then many manufacturers joined this agreement.

The s-bags From Electrolux as a Standard

The s-bags are quality 3 layer paper filters able to separate 99,99% of all particles larger than 0,1mm and they are produced in several variants.

  • The s-bag Classic is a standard vacuum paper filter;
  • The s-bag Clinic is an improved version recommended for the households of the allergic people as it detains also smaller particles (0,03+mm);
  • The s-bag Anti-Odour is a model building on the properties of s-bag Clinic but with filters covered by active carbon layer;
  • The s-bag Long Performance is very similar to Classic model but lasts much longer.

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