Best Types of Wood Flooring for Dog Owners

Pets need proper care and training so that they can behave when they are inside the house.

One major problem that many dog owners struggle with is the fact that they will now have to surrender some of their passions for the sake of the pets. An example of such desires includes their floor. As an owner, this should not bother you anymore. This article offers essential insights to help you understand the best wood floors to choose that can withstand the pressure that dogs can bring to your floor.

1. Hardwood Floor

Do not make a mistake of using softwood for your floor. These floors are very light, and scratches become evident if the animal chooses to do so.

On the other hand, there are different hardwood floors that you can consider. For instance, cherry and hickory are perfect examples of floors that not only help in improving the overall look of your house but can also withstand scratches and stains from different liquids. An additional tip is that you should coat the wood with urethane, which improves the floor’s protection.

If the animal chooses to mess on the floor or leave hair on it, then be sure that you will not have a difficult time wiping off the dirt. It is always recommended for dog owners to have at least one pet hair vacuum intended for hardwood floor use.

2. Cork Wood Floor

This is another type of hardwood floor that is similar to the Bamboo wooden floor. It offers the dog and the owner a suitable level that does not sip in any water. Additionally, you should not worry about allergens and stains getting on the floor. Moreover, this floor is eco-friendly to both the user and the pet.

3. Bamboo Floor

This is a common type of floor among many people nowadays. As much as this is grass, experts consider it to be wood. This is because it has hard resins, which contribute to its hardness. Additionally, these floors can stay for long because it can guard against scratches, wearing and tearing due to traffic.

4. Hard Maple

This type of wooden floor is also known as the rock or sugar maple.

Anyone who has been on a basketball court should be familiar with this type of floor. It can withstand pressure from both the owner and the pet, at all times. However, active dogs can easily cause the hard maple to gouge if you are not watchful.

5. Brazilian Walnut

This type of floor, which is also known as ipe, is an exotic type of hardwood. It is hard, dense, and does not need constant treating.


As much as these hardwood floors are appropriate floors, the owner should not allow dog nails to overgrow because they can cause unnecessary scratches. As a protective measure, add a small carpet where the dog can lie on while resting. This will prevent the animal from sleeping on the hardwood floor, which would otherwise cause damage when hair falls on the wooden floor under it.

All these hardwoods are stable; however, be quick to wipe out any water, or liquid that falls on the floor.If any of these messes stay on it for long, then it would deteriorate in value.